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Hello everyone!

I'd like to try and get this community up and running again. And I figured that perhaps the best way would be to start doing picture themes or contests? Any takers?

Also, if you have any ideas on what the themes could be, comment on this post and hit me up with some of your awesome input.

Thank you! And I leave you with a little somethin' somethin' from my New Years.

My best firend and I were going to a lock down at Players that ran from 9PM-3AM in which we got some free DDR ((Dance Dance Revolution)) and some free multi-level laser tag. Beotches. I know you're jealous xD Anyways, we decided to dress up as "faeries" and this is how we turned out...

Liz and me


My eye ball, for your enjoyment? Glittery-goodness ^^;;

Thank you, and goodnight.
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